Mt. Carmel Business Village & Apartments

Welcome to Mt. Carmel Business Village and Apartments! We are located in the heart of Mt. Carmel, just minutes from Kroger, Eastgate shopping and restaurants, and I-275. Our studio apartments are great for the person on the go or for a budget-conscious person. We also offer one-bedroom apartments with some that are handicap-accessible. Come and be our next great neighbor.

Apartment Amenities

  • Fully equipped kitchen

  • A/C

  • Free heat and water

One-bedroom Apartment Amenities 

  • No step entry

  • Wide doorways/hallways

  • Lever-style door handles

  • Grab bars, low-threshold shower, and accessible bathroom vanity

  • Accessible kitchen appliance and countertops

Community Amenities

  • Private off-street parking

  • On-site laundry facilities 

  • Great location

  • On-site professional management

  • 24-hour emergency maintenance

Office Hours

Call 513-314-1076 to see availability & schedule an appointment 

Office Location
507 Old State Route 74

Cincinnati, OH 45244

Fax: 513-635-4082

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Floor Plans

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How Is The Cost Determined?

Pricing of permanent makeup procedures varies quite a bit depending on several factors. • Professionalism and expertise of the technician • Location and quality of facility where procedures are performed • Proper safety and sterilization protocols being followed • Whether or not a follow-up visit is included • The quality of pigments and equipment being used • Amount of one-to-one time devoted to the clients Not all technicians have been adequately trained, have enough experience, or have proper insurance in place. Permanent makeup is long lasting, and you just cannot afford to go for the cheapest price when your looks are being changed for years. Sadly, many individuals have decided to “price shop”, or failed to do proper due diligence, and lived to regret it. No matter who you choose to use for your permanent makeup procedure, be sure to check them out thoroughly. You'll be glad you did.

Please note dimensions and square footage are approximate and are not guaranteed.

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